Coast Psychological Services, LLC

Nicole G. Martell, PsyD, MBA

 Welcome to Coast Psychological Services! As a psychologist located in Manasquan, NJ, Dr. Nicole G. Martell is proud to provide therapy services to adolescents and adults located in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Coast Psychological Services offers individual therapy to adolescents and adults (ages 14 and over) seeking help with a variety of life issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, struggles with fertility, perinatal and postnatal mood disorders, stress and life transitions.

Dr. Nicole G. Martell is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who has been providing psychological services for over fifteen years. She has professional experience practicing in numerous organizations, treating diverse clients with a wide range of clinical issues.

At Coast Psychological Services, Dr. Martell assists clients in gaining a thorough understanding of personal challenges, and aids them in their adaptation to these circumstances. Individuals have a unique foundation of life experiences that shapes his or her thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Dr. Martell strives to understand the composition of her clients' experiences, challenges, and strengths, while collaboratively developing a plan towards personal fulfillment. 

Who We Are

My Practice

My experience enables me to offer effective outpatient psychological care. I am here to work with individuals who are experiencing a variety of symptoms. We will work collaboratively to devise a course of treatment that enables you to return to your life. 

MyTreatment Focus

My focus is to help individuals become aware of their inner strengths. I strive to achieve this goal this by providing a safe space, listening to your story, and collaborating to find a plan to move forward. 

My Clients

Together, we will determine how to manage your symptoms and empower you to continue your life's journey. My goal is to harness your strengths and identify ways in which you can move forward to the place and the person  you want to be in your life.